Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Tonsilectomist or Possibul Sushi Shef?

Musashi Sez:

Wull, despyt mai Mom’s insistinz on how cyoot mai toez are, I has overcom this particlr handy-cap an is lookin fer mai akshul skillz. Now, I offinz figt Mr. Tygr, whu is pertee fiers, but if I kin get him at the insydz of his jawrz, I kin tayk out his tonslz. On som daez, when I am in mai bestest form, I kin do this 2 or 3 tymz in a singl dae. Huh. Yu nevr heerz of hoomin peeple doctrz whu kin do that!!!

Still, as Mom points out, not evrbodee has multipul tonslz, lik my buddee Mr. Tygr. In fact, verree fyu peeples has sutch a talent fer regrowin their tonslz. So mebbee bein a toslectomist isn’t mai fyoochr. Mebbe I shud jus lern to do stuff lik preepayr the sooshi, wift deftnis an also art an possibul speed. As a Sooshi Shef I cud mayks lotsa monnee, although Mom pointz out how I wud hav to stand on my bak feets fer lik hors and hors.

I needs to thingk mor on this. Huh.


Pamela said...

Great image: where did you find it? LOL cats?

Musashi said...

Googul imijiz. They gots lots, akshullee.