Monday, March 30, 2009

Mor Srs Talkin About Weddins

Musashi Sez:

OK, sorree. That nappin went on longerer than I had ben plannin. I wuz spost to be tellin yu about weddins. I kin do that.

See weddins is differkult becuz ther is lotsa flowurz, an lotsa peeples, an lotsa fud. But it’s the peeple part that is the most hardest. Wift hoomin peeples, fer egzampul, yu gots to figger out if yer Ont Bertha kin sit neer yer Ont Helga, whu she hav not ben gettin along wift fer yeers. An mom sez ther kin be hol ishews about whethr yur dad’s 3rd wyf’s brothr kin sit nex to Ont Bertha becuz she don’t “beleev in divors.”

Well, wift kittees, is jus as hard, cuz ther is the hol litter problim. No, I don’t meen the kittee litter, lyk yer own pryvit box in the kornr. I meen lyk if that ol Ont Helga had 3 or 4 litters of kittees, an yer Onkul Olaf an yer Onkul Panthar and yer Onkul Spot don’t lyk to talk about it. That’s whut I call problims.

An, no, kittees don’t striklee speekin hav weddins. But famlees is famlees. An a famlee kin alwaes find enugf stuff to yowl about until somboddee throw a shoo ovr the fens.

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Wordplayer said...

Somebody else whose aunt I am (in addition to being yours) is having a wedding soon. Sure hope there are not too many of these "issues." Or I may have to throw that shoe over the fence myself

Hope to see you soon, MCat (not to he confused with MCAT).

Aunt Pam