Monday, March 23, 2009

About the Comin of Spring, an also Bedooins

Musashi Sez:

All the hoomin peeples in mai lyf is talkin about how they wish spring wud be comin fasterer. Huh. As if hot wethr is bettr than cold wethr. That jus sillee. The hol middul of the wurld, that has that belt-thin calld “eekwaytor” has got hot. So why we need it? It’s bizzee bein down ther.

But hoomin peeples don’t mutch thingk, neer as I kin figger. So they ar alwaes wantin chaynje. An I sez, don’t be sillee. Lern to liv wift what yu got. Unless yu gots to eet the saym crunchee fud dae in an dae out. Then, yah, complayn a littul. But that is an egsepshun. Meenwhyl, I been lookin on the Interwebs to find out about whu akshul liv in hot playsiz all the tim. An what I fynded is interestin. So pae attenshun. Yu migt lern somthin.

I fynded out about this pryd of hoomin peeples calld “BEDOUINS.” They’r prettee cool cuz they wer blak all the tim eevn tho they liv in the desert. That’s a hot sandee plays, lik if yer littr box wer puttd in the ovn.

Yah. Egsaktlee. So we shud probabul respekt them. Cuz that soun reellee bad.

But, if yu beleevs Wikerpeedia, then the Bed-oo-inz ar NOMADS, that meen that they wandr aroun the desert, livin in canvas tents, tryin to fynd the bestest playsiz to liv fer a whyl, so their goats kin eet grass an dringk wadder an get biggerer. Then them bedooinz kin sell the goats or eet them. Is akshul mutch mor compulkaytd than that, but I figger yu littul kittees out ther wudn’t beleev me if I told yu mor.

OK, I tell yu jus a bit mor. See, ther ar CAMELS an they ar lik deer or mebbee horses, so they run reellee fast and don’t hav to dringk a hol lot of wadder. An they’r reellee strong. An also they somtims spit and wors, they somtims byt! But them bedooinz ar perty feers, so wen they ask the camels to go somplays, they goes, prettee fast. Spittin an gruntin, saym as the res of us migt do, but, oh yeah, they goes!

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