Sunday, March 15, 2009

Idz of March an Wurld Dominayshun

Musashi Sez:

Way bak in Feboorary, I told yu about how I wuz workin on becomin smartypants lik evryboddy els I noe: mom an mai roommayts, and all their frends. I figger if they all caym to vizit an wor their funnee flat hats wift the cool wigglee tassuls, we wudn’t be abul to fit them all an also I’d be egzaustd from chaysin all the tassuls. So 1 day, mom saw me nappin on a book an she sed, “Musashi! What yu doin sleepin on mai book?”

I sed, “I’m lernin to be smartypants the way Karli does it.”

She mad a funnee noyz an then sed that I cud ask her qwestchuns if I wantd to lern spesifik stuff. So I sed I wuz interstid in somthin I saw a lolcat about, calld “WORLD DOMINATION.”

She mayd noyz agen, but then she sed, “OK. What yu want to lern?”

I sed, “Jus tell me what yu noe.”

So she thingkd fer a whyl, an then she askd if I noe whu Joolyus Seezer wuz.

She told me about this feller whu livd in Rom, verree far away, yeers an yeers ago, lik eevn befor that Jesus feller wuz born. He livd reellee clos to Gypsha, that kuntree I told yu about befor, wher hoomin peeples wershipd kittees. His naym was Joolyus, an they naymd Joolai aftr him cuz he wuz bornd then. I thingk that mayks him a Leo, jus lik mom, an mebbe that’s why she lik him. Also this othr feller, Shaykspeer (whu mom thingks is awsom lik a lion) wryted a plae about this Joolyus feller.

Seems lik this Joolyus got togethr a big armee an martchd them throo Frans and Inglund an took ovr all thos kuntrees, an then went bak hom to Rom an chuckd out the othr fellers whu had ben helpin him, an mayd himself king of evrwher. But the fellers whu didn’t get chuckd out got togethr in the middul of Martch aftr a whyl an they killd Joolyus. (That’s what that feller Shaykspeer wryted about.) So mom sez world dominayshun has its downsid. She sed she’d tell me about this othr feller Alekzandr somtim. But I thingk I’m don wift it fer now.

Mom Reacts:

Gosh, I never expected it would make him lose interest. What a pity for us all…

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