Saturday, March 7, 2009

Mai Offishul Birftdae Partee!

Musashi Sez:

So las nigt wuz mai amayzin offishul birftdae partee. We had 10 hoomin peeples plus ME! (Lotsa peeple wantd to com, but had to send me "rain cheks," an mom sed she'd egsplayn that laytr.)

So I got som pikchurs fer yu, whu cudn't com. The first 2 aren't about me, reellee, but they happind to be on LOLcats yestrdae, so mom added them. Yu kin tell they'r not me, cuz the kittee is orinje, not blak.

OK. So I jus giv yu buntch of pikchurs now, cuz I'm still egzawstd. That stayin up to midnigt if fer the burds.

Happee birftdae to meeeeee!

PS: The cayk has a pikchur like me an som math, cuz I askd mom to put math on it, sins I do lichrachur anywae. So she put this ALGEBRA on it: M = 1, cuz I am 1 yeer old.

PPS: Also, mom sez it wuz a "soosay foo," and that's whut French hoomins call a "mad suksess" cuz they don't know Inglish but they do noe about mad huntin skills an lik that.

PPPS: In that last pikchur is mom holdin me, and nex to her his Lizzlbet, whu helpd wift the cayk, and behind her is Lorenvan whu is afrayd of kittees but caym anywae an also helpd wift the cayk, cuz she's jus that kool.

An, Oh Yeah: These kool pikchurs wer takind bai mai cuzzin Raychul. Thangkyu, Raychul.

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Wordplayer said...

Sorree I mist yur birftdae. Not feelin so gud den. i givz u ranechek and we hav mor birftdae caek sooon.


Ont Pam