Saturday, March 28, 2009

Watchin the Burds Watchin fer Spring

Musashi Sez:

OK, peeples, yu got to lissen up. Rigt now is Martch, almos Ayprul, and that meens it’s spring. I don’t cleerly rememember my firs spring, cuz I wuz jus a littul kittee. But mom sez spring bring burds, an then flowurs, an then weddins. Now I know about the burds, cuz I hav ben watchin them out the front windo, an out Karli’s windo, an out Raychul’s windo, an somtims out the kitchin windo too. Moslee, we got Chikadees an Grakkuls. In the sky, we got Pidguns and Seegulls. Yu kin tell I ben becomin a burd watcherer. I aksd mom fer them binonkulars to look through, but she say they don’t com in sutch a small syz. Well, that is cleerlee a cays of predjoodis, if I evr herd one. Huh.

I havn’t seen mutch flowurs yet. An the weddin seezon isn’t qwyt here yet. But it’s comin. Mom sez weddin seezons is trikkee, cuz they’r lyk the oppozit of spring. Insted of comin slowerer then yu thingk, they com faster. See? Trikkee.

Now, yu probabul sayin, “Musashi, why yu carin about weddins? Yu’r a kittee. An aneewae, yu wae too yung to be thingkin about weddins.” That’s tru. But I got frends, an they’r the ones whu ar goin to be marreein eetch othr. So this blog is goin to be an advertyzmint. Sorta.

No! Wayt! It is a Publik Serviss Anounsmint. Huh.

But I need to be nappin now, cuz this blog-wrytin thin is egzaustin. I tell yu mor tomorro.

Mom Adds:

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MY said...

Thanks for the PSA. I took your advice (I had some spare time) and wrote a bit on the blog, sans advertisement. It was difficult. That is all.

- Meredith