Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Thingkin about Langwudj, Part 3

Musashi Sez:

Oh hai. I wuz goin to wryt mor about weddins todae, but mom sez it's Ayprul Fool's Dae, and mebbe hoomin peeples won't tayk what I sez srsly. So I'm goin to talk about langwudj, that isn't so importint as mai Ont Meredift's weddin. I get back to talkin about weddins tomorro or so.


I jus fynded out that mai cozzin Raychul noes how to talk in French, that is lik Inglish, egsept all the werds ar diffrint, if yu kin imajin this. She sez it’s not eezee, but if yu has peeples to talk to, wift theez new “werds” then yu kin mayk othr kins of peeples unnerstan yu. This werks fer boft hoomin peeples and kittee peeples (an mebbee even doggees, but I noe how hard that is to beleev, so we won’t talk about that todae).

I told her I didn’t unnerstand, so she told me to go look in the bible, an mai mom fynded the lolcat translayshun agin fer me, lyk she did when she wuz tryin to egsplayn that Jesus feller. So heer is a storee about langwudjiz an how they got to be lots. This com from the LOLCat Bible Translation Project. (An yu gots to rememember that they somtims spells thing in funee waes. Trai to ignor it, if yu kin.)

Genesis 11: Teh Towur ov Babel

1 And all uv de Urf was lolcatspeekinkz usin' lolcats werdz. 2 Whial teh menz be movin' eest, they finded vallee in teh land uv Shinar an sitted ther. 3 Dey sed, "Hai, letz maek teh brix an make 'em harrd wif fiir." So dey uzed brix for ston an bitumen (wtf izzat?) for mortar. 4 Den dey sed, "Hai, letz maek reel tall towerz for us so we be togethr forevr!"

5 So Ceiling Cat comeded down an saw teh men an ther towerz. 6 Den Ceiling Cat sez, "Oh noes, if they all togethr after mah hi spot, they gonna get mah hi spot! 7 I gots'ta confuzzle 'em and stop 'em!" 8 Dat's wai Ceiling Cat pwnsed 'em an dragd 'em away from ther towerz. Dey stop buldin' after dat. 9 So teh towerz wuz calld Babel cuz Ceiling Cat made teh men babbul ther befor movin' dem.

Musashi Iz Bak to Egsplayn:

OK, so ferst yu got to noe that “babul” meen speek in diffrint langwudjiz, somthin they hadn’t ben doin befor that. But when Ceiling Cat pounsd on them and mayd them all run awae speekin funnee langwudjiz, that is wher we gut all thoz othr werds fer thins.

Now, I noe that this is all perty stranje. It duzn’t soun lyk Ceiling Cat mutch, egsept fer the pounsin. But befor the LOLcat translaytrs got to it, this storee got wrytd by hoomin peeples, cuz kittees has that annoyin thum problim wift the wrytin. So yu gots to rememember what mom calls “CONTEXT.” Them hoomin peeples was annoyin Ceilin Cat, an that jus nevr a gud ideer.

Smartypants kittees wud nevr do somthin lik that. Huh.

Mom adds:

Musashi, oddly enough, is not the kind of cat who gets up on top of the refrigerator or the bookcases, for example. Some of you may be acquainted with the other type of cat, whom you may recognize in the Bible story. Also, I think the LOLCat Standard Version of the bible really needs to be edited and revised. But does anybody offer grants for that? For the evangelization of kitteez everywhere? No, of course not. Huh.

Clearly, I have been listening to Musashi a bit much...Sigh. Anyway, for the curious, bitumen is spit. Also, the pictures of the tower of Babel are by Pieter Bruegel and M.C. Escher.


Nancy said...

Last I knew, bitumen was similar to tar.

Have you been smoking heavily, so that your spit is high in tar content?

Musashi said...

Whoops. You're right. Er...

Musashi sez:

See? Yu don't noe evrthin about werds aftr all. Huh.