Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Aprul Foolz!

Musashi Sez:

Wull, I has ben trying to think of a funnee fer this Aprul Foolz Dae, but I am comin up wift nothing, so I thoughtid mebbe I wud do a Verree Serious blog instead. I cud write about the Faymousest Kittees in Litrachoor or Histree, or possibly Geography (cuz ther is nothing funnee about geography). But after writing down my list, I realized how short it wuz:

Ilsa the Lion
Shir Khan
The Aristocats
Musashi (that's ME)
That fellr who work for MGM
The Pink Panther
The Black Panthers

I was thinkin about this an I decided to dress up as the pink panther fer Eester!!! Cuz peeples like perty collrz fer Easter. But then I gots to thinkin how I wud blend in wift mai perty pink rug an all mai pink toyz, and then that wud givs Mister Tygr a opportoonity to sit on me an claim that he didn't see mee cuz I was all blended in. April Fool. Har Har.

So I has decided to keep my tuxedo on after all.


PJS said...

Don't forget Pyewacket!

PJS said...

Or Catwoman.

Susan Spilecki said...

Whu is Pyewacket? I noe Catwoman.

PJS said...

Pyewacket was the name of one of the witches' familiars in The Discovery of Witches by Matthew Hopkins (Witchfinder General). It was also the name of the cat in the play and movie Bell, Book and Candle. See below:


PJS said...

Don't know how to do italics on Blogger! :)