Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Mom’s Bizarre Fuds

 Musashi Sez:
Wull, I wuz torn between writin mor serious stuffs and figyoorin out some funnee stuffs, but then I started thinking about how my Mom eats all kindsa weird stuffs, lik garlic an chicken, an potaytoez, an scallions, an musturd an like that.

An that jus can't be rigt, so I figgered I wud call on yu, mai faitful reederz, to see if yu unnerstood her weerd diet or whether yu figgered she jus really weerd. I wud really appresheeyate yor halp on this. So I figger we needs a poll. We shud keep it simpul, like 1=Love! 2=Don’t Care an 3=Hate!

1. Cheese
2. Bursels Spouts
3. Tooner!
4. Lettus
5. Broculli
6. Chickin
7. Carats
8. Potaytoes
9. Qwassants
10. Harf & Harf

Let us noe what you thinks about these weerd fuds! We will post yer results!!!

(An I noe that I onlee gots 3 constant reeders, but even 1 or 2 or 3 thrids of rzults wud tell us importint stuffs!! So thank yu ahed of tim to (Gran)Mom and (Gran)Dad an (Gran)Pamler!


PJS said...

Cheese = 2
Bursels Sprouts = 1
Tooner = 1
Lettus = 2
Broculli = 1
Chickin = 2
Carats = 2
Potaytoes = 2
Qwassants = 3
Harf & Harf = 3 (or 4 if possible)

PJS said...

I like potatoes, and carrots, and lettuce, but I don't LOVE them the way I love Brussels sprouts!!