Wednesday, June 19, 2013

The Uses of Casseroll

Musashi Sez:

So tonight fer dinner, Mom made a casseroll, wift pastr, tomatoes an onions an like that. I watched her verree carefully as she cutted them up, so I kin learn how to cook. I am not shur why I wud want to cook the stuff she does, cuz it is mostlee ickee, but yu never noe.

And also she has puttid me on a “Dye-It,” which I thogtid wud mean that I wuz goin to get mai hair turned purple, wift maybee a Mohawk, but akshully it turn out to meen that I eet smaller meals more often rather than the othr way around. Huh. She is doin it too, but I don’t see her getting anee smallerer.

But! I hads a mind-blowin ideer. I seds to mai Mom, I seds to her, “Hey, Mom! I noe something else that rolls, jus like yer caseroll. It is a tricycle!!!”

This aprently did not help mai case. Sigh…


PJS said...

Tell her that riding the tricycle will help you with your dye-it.

Susan Spilecki said...

Hey! Yer reellee smart! I will try that!!!