Friday, June 28, 2013

Figtin the Lastest Pirate!

Musashi Sez:

So we has been figtin evree day. Finally, there came the lastest pirate. He was smaller than the others an his coat was blue instead of red, so I figgered that he must be the captain. He had a sword just egzactkee lik mine.

I asksed him, “What’s yer naym, fierce pirate?”

“Ha ha!” he laugfed. “Crunch!

"Crunch?" sez I. "What kinda naym is that?"

“It’s mai naym, yu land-lover!”

“Whu yu callin a land-lover? I am Captain Musashi, an I am just as salty as the next sailor.”

“Musashi?” he sneered. “Whut kinda naym is that?”

“Ha ha!” I laugfed. “It the naym of Japan’s greatest swordsman! Have at yu!”

Then came the big swordfigt.

Me: Clack! Clatter! Ha ha!
Him: Clatter! Clack! Ho ho!
Me: Clacketty clacketty! Ha!
Him: : Clicketty clicketty! Ho!

So threre we was, balancing on the big crossbar at the top of the mast, smacking our wooden swords against each other. Then wift another “oh ho!” he swept his sword low at mai knees.

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PJS said...

Wow: I remember Cap'n Crunch's dog!