Sunday, June 23, 2013

Pirates vs. BBQ: Which Wud Yu Choose?

Musashi Sez:

Well, on Saturday, Mom went to a Solstice barbecue party, cuz Cousin Rachel invited her. I got to play in her closet while she was gone. That may not sound like much fun to yu, but Mom’s closet has got pirates!

So ther I was, sailin across the Specific Ocean, la la la, an then I saw it: the skull an crossbones flag comin rigt at us (wift a ship attached, of course). I looked around to see what they were after. We not has gold an we not has amenit amyoohish bullets, so what were they lookin fer? Then I let mai nose do the walking!

Ha! We has got som veree innerstin smellin socks! (This is what happens when you go sailin off in the laundry basket.) Wull, I wasn’t goin to let them pirates get the booty! If they wanted them socks, they was goin to have to figt fer them.

Luckily, Mom’s closet is well stocked. She not onlee gots socks, she also got a marshul art sword! (But it has not the livelee blade. It just wood. I think this is cuz them Chinese folks not like hurtin each other.)

Just as them pirates were throwing their grappling hooks onto the side of the laundry basket, I picked up the sword, an I nearly tipped rigt over, on account of how it was biggerer than me and I not has thos opposable thumz.

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THEN what happened?