Friday, July 5, 2013

Our Cease-Fire fer Sword-Figtin

Musashi Sez:

Well, me an Captain Crunch were all “Have atchu!” an clacketty-clack an like that, but then Mom came home an reported that they had been putting the scary barge in the Charles River to prepare fer the Fourth of July Indpendence Day celrbrations. An that is nevr gud nooz to me! Like most of us 4-feeted folks, I finds LOUD POPPING AND BANGING NOIZEZ MOST DISCONCERTING!

So I talked to Mr. Crunch an he agreed we shud has whut the army folks call a “cease-fire” although I not noe what they call it if yu is using swords. But we hads that while mom went out to a barbecue.
She leftid root beers in the fridge fer us an we got quite merry. All that fizzy stuff in yer nose? Huh. Yu never eevn notis the annoyin LOUD NOIZES at all.

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