Friday, January 11, 2013

Cookin as a Art

Musashi Sez:

Wull, we has ben reedin our frend Amandr’s blog laytlee (she halped us last semester wen I gots glue on my feets). She writs about fud when she not halpin the halpless. Recentlee she an mai mom has been talkin about ruts an how they can experimentate to get out of them. So, fer example, Mom bougtid kumqwats, which I was generalee for cuz they are akshullee spelled lik yu’d expect, which is rare in my egsperiens. But she cooked them, an that turn out not so gud cuz they cook mor lik leminz than lik orinjiz. So Mom’s tongue got pickled.

I, on the othr paw, has been expgerimenting wift boot noodles. These are eevn betterer than shoe noodles, cuz they is longerer and has more heft. When yu has had a long day of nappin an scarin the birdeez off the ledgiz it is gud when somebody coms hom wift the boot noodles fer yu to plae wift.

Mom also lik the noodles to snak on, but not the ones in her boots. She perfer them wift soy saws, fer som reezin.

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