Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Dreem Catchin as a Hobbee

Musashi Sez:

Yu may not noe this, but the peeples whu wuz heer in Merika befor the Inglish an Frentch peeples came an tuk ovr ar called Naytiv Merikans. They coms in lotsa flayvrs, which we calls “tribes,” which is kinda lik famileez, onlee more so.

One of them tribes got this thing that is a circle with a web inside an som feathrz, an it is called a “Dreem Catchr.” Yu puts it on the wall of yer tent (or yer partmint) an it sucks the nightmayrz out of yer head or at leest out of yer house. That’s whut folks sez, but I don’t bleev it, myself.

Personlee, I thinks that whut yu reellee need is a kittee, lik me. I come an sit at mai Mom’s hed around 4 in the mornin, wen it is still dark an the bad dreemz thingk that they are sayf. They thingk that they kin jus dance around mai Mom’s hed wiftout havin to worree that they will get caugtid.

But they are rong. Becuz there is me to catch them an bring them to the dreem eqwiviileent eqwivla eq

I tayks them to Jayl. Huh.

An then, somtimz, if I ar luckee, Mom checks my fud bowl an seez if I needz mor fud. But that is egstra. That is NOT the reezon I pat her on the cheek til she wayk up. Nop. Of cors not.

I am depressd yu eevn thingk so. Huh.

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