Monday, January 28, 2013

My Big Ol Writr Blok

Musashi Sez:

I noe that I promisd to writ mor, but I has had the writr blok an it not look lik this, cuz if it did I wud hav the lettrs to mayk the werds. Mom sed I shud writ about mai blok, cuz then at leest I’d be writin, so heer we go.

I tried doin what she do, sittin on the littul rollee chair an tappity-tappin on the kapyootr keybord, but it not werk. Wen Mom do that, she gets all theez fansee sentinses an praragrufs. When I do it I get alphabit soop. Huh. 

So if yu got ideerz fer what I kin writ about, yu send them in the comments section an I answer yer qwestions an lik that. Cuz I getting perty bord chaysin my metrforicul tail. (Cuz only doggeez chays their akshul tails. But yu knue that.)

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