Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Jayn Awsome an Authrz Lik That

Musashi Sez:

So Mom sed that I shud kyoor mai writr blok by writin about the weathr, but then I finded out that yesterdae wuz the 200th anniversrree of Pryd an Prejoodis (altho not the one wift the zombeez, cuz that is mor reesint). Mai mom reeds this sorta old litrachoor. Peeples in Jayn Awsome’s books say werds like “esteem” an “amiable” an lik that. Wen she reed the books agen or watch the movie wift Emr Tompson, Mom start yoozin werds lik this until I kin hardly unnerstand her.

But the clothesez weren’t so bad. Yu cud be lik me, an wear a blak coat an a whit cucumberbund an a whit Ascot thingy, an peeples think that you are all formal an stuffs. An that fellr, Alan Rikmin, whu playd Perfessr Snap in the Harry Pottr mooveez, he also is the kinda gy whu kin be a Captin in the British Nayvee, wift a fansee yooniform, an a veree impressive hat wift lotsa gold brayd.

An they hads the icky weathr then too, jus lik we do, but they didn’t has Thinsulate or really big boots or extra purpul scarfs an stuffs lik that, so they probabul had lotsa coldz an flooz, not like us, who onlee has them sometimz, lik in Febrooraree.

An Jayn Awsome wuz not the onliest authr whu writid about this stuffs. There wuz this othr gy, Charlie Dickens, also writ about Inglund at this time, an if yu bleevz him, yu wud think that everyboddee in Inglud nue everyboddee else then. Which I personlee don't bleev. Huh.

But we are talkin about litrachoor, so I gess I cud be wrong.

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