Thursday, March 15, 2012

Watchin the Ovn Verree Cayrful

Musashi Sez:

Wull, I has been suspishful of the Ovn fer quit a whil now. Somtim it mayk noiziz or has teh smellz that I not qwiet trust. So I has ben keeping track of it. Yu noe. I has scruncht belo the stool watchin! the ovn verree cayrfullee. Or, if I thinks that too overt, I has been lyin on the telrphon tabul thin, wift the stool next to it, an I has wacht from abov. An somtimz, when I verree weeeree frum all that watchin, I nod off on the stool from abov, but I am REDDEEE fer whutever com, and I will PONS! on it if I has to.

Mom approovz of this. She sez I am the Gardien of the Kitchin! (Somtimz she say I is SleepeeBunnee, but mostly I ignorz that. Huh.)

Mom sez soonr or laytr the landlord is goin to bring in the extreeminaytr, whu comz to extreme whutevr myciz we gots evr 6 monfts or so. So I shudn’t worree too mutch.

Meenwhil, she suddinlee reelyz that she gots to get a paypr perpozul into a confrens thin an so wuns agen she is scramblin. Yu’d think wift all this praktis she gots wift teetchin them kidz not to scrambul their writin that she’d noe not to do this hersalf, but no. Sigh.

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