Thursday, March 1, 2012

The Ironee of Leepin!

Musashi Sez:

Wull, this last week or 2 hav been a verree bizzee tim an no mistayk, altho it hav been diffruntlee bizzee dependin on whu yu talks to. Mom has been typin, tappittee-tap. I, on the othr paw, has been leepin! jumpin! raycin across the partmint! climbin fil cabinuts, an also nappin in verree athletik wayz.

All of this is me, Musashi the Athleet, perpayrin fer the Lympiks, which natcherullee start on Leep! Dae, which ar todae, Febrooayree 29th, a day that don’t come evr yeer, mutch less evr dae. Huh.

Also Mom mostlee finished her theesis. I halped wift the Bibbulogogrophee, which is mor compulkaytid than yu’d lik to thingk. But it all done now, in part cuz I JUMPT up on Mom’s desk whil she wuz werkin on it.

This wuz one of them Motivayshunul Jumps.

Yah. Is a derty job, but I kin always lik off afterwerdz.

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