Saturday, March 3, 2012


Musashi Sez:

Wull, coller mai eerz pink! Aftr four solid weeks of perpayrin fer Leep Dae! by runnin! verree fast! across the parmint! an in an out of boxiz!, I went an slept rigt throo it, neerlee all dae. Huh.

Mom sez this a verree commin mistayk calld “Ovr-Traynin,” an athletes lik me has to be cayrful about it. She sez that’s why marathon runnrz tayk days off befor they run down the street in Aprul. Also, parintlee, there something about psaghetti too, tho I not see how eetin noodulz will help you run bettrer.

Anneewae, I tayk all this undr advys fer mai perpayrin fer the Lympics that are comin up, it bein an eevn yeer.

I noe I can’t beet the Japineez teem at Box Jumpin, cuz they totallee rocks that sport, ther bein a lot less spayce in Japan than ther is heer. Also, their most faymussest athleet, the Scottish-Fold Round-Belly Kitteh named Maru is lik the TigerWoods-MiaHamm-CarlosCastenada of Box Jumpin. So altho Mom gottid me a big box to practis in, I hav been focussin more on them horizontul sports, rathr than them vertikul onez.
Cuz I kin totally tayk hom the shinee medul fer sprintin. Ther ar no wae that Maru kin catch me, cuz I am wae skinnier than him, an also I has the ligtnin pawz! Them two things shud leed me to gettin that fansee tinfoyl medal fer sprintin.

Also, I am accidentallee well-restid. Huh.

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