Monday, March 19, 2012

Saynt Patrik an Plumbrz an like that

Musashi Sez:

Wull, the top of the morning stuff to yu. So we has hads the egsytmint theez las fyu dayz. The plummr caymd to fix the toylet an he figgrd out that the kitchin sink wuz not gud an mai roommayt toldid him about the baftroom sink problim, which he caymd bak to fix fer us. Now moslee stuff werks agen, altho I don’t unnderstan why I has to be IMPRIZND in MAI ROOM fer lik 2 WHOL DAEZ. Huh.
I meen, it not lik I wuz the one whu left lotsa pertee blond hayr in the showr, or draynd greas frum a fansee stayk dinnr into the sink. I not eevn YOOZ the baftroom sink, now that I am too big fer it. Altho, parintleet this noo one we jus got is lots biggr, so I mae reconsidr it fer the summr, wen I needs somplaes cool to sit…

Ok, I’m dun. Now I’m goin to go bak to mai fiers leprokon hunt in the kitchin. If I catch one it is a win-win-win, cuz I’ll have somthin to plae wift an choo on, an I kin leev it on Mom’s bed fer her to find lik a prezunt, an also ther maybe gold, which I heer is a verree yoosful thing to has.

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