Friday, February 24, 2012

The Boringness of that Gigantic Boet, and Also Simptomz

Musashi Sez:

Wull Mom has ben typin—tappity tappity—about that Gigantic Boet thing. Parrintlee, her adviser-gy tolded her to thin out the descrpshun bits, lik combin mai furr an coming out wift big egsitin balls’ o’ furr, but wiftout eethr the egsitingness or the akshul furr. Verree borin. But she sez that soon she’ll be working on the Ark bits, which have much more furr an also jirafs an zeeebraz, whu is by definishun egsityin, cuz of the necks an the stripeez.

(Thogh mebbe yu nuu that.)

So it not so hopless as it migt soun. Also, she is mosly doin less of that hed-splodin sneezery or the jus annoyin cougfin stuffs.

Which is verree gud, cus aftr all, I needz mai beautee sleeps, lik at leest 16 hors a day. An how can I do that when the knee on which I sleeps (when it dark) is doin this whol corfa-corfa-corfa….Gzdnkapowww! Corfa!


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