Thursday, January 5, 2012

Our Noo Yeer Rezolooshunz

Musashi Sez:

Wull, Mom is at it agen, tryin to get me to rezoloot maiself to do stuffs she want me to do. An whut she want me to do is verree sneekylee lik whut she want to do herselfs. Fer example, she thingk I need mor egsersyz. Huh. An also, she want me to werk on the blog mor. Huh. An she thingk I cud be yoozin mai tim mor constructiv-lik if I wuzn’t alwayz nappin. Huh.

Wull, I has som rezolootin fer her too. I thingk she shud let us hav the FudNetwerk on the TV, cuz then I cud lern to cook reel gud whil she isn’t eevn hom to worree about it. She has toldid me about this cool stayshun that she somtim watch when she is at the jym on them eliptickle masheenz. She has lernd about Hollundayz saus an also how to peel a garlik thing properlee.

Sekund, she shud plae wift me mor. Yu noe, runnin an jumpin, an playin sokker wift the ballz wift bellz in them, an of cors the layzr pointr.

Lastest, we shud hav mor movie tim, lik that noo one wift that fellr Antonio the Spaynish kittee, wift the cayp an sord, cuz that wud be inspirayshunul fer us boft.

Cleerlee, if we boft wer to fix ourselfs lik we want to, we cud probablee rool the werld, or at leest becom Governaytr of part of it, lik Noo Inglund, fer egzampul. Then, wen we hasds our own flag, an maybee our own verree partikler donut, we wuds have so mutch powr, the werld wud finlee recognyz our genral amazingness an let us rool the whol werld.

I figgr we shud acheev this by the middul of Martch at the laytest.

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