Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Mai Continyooin Edumakayshun an Career Planz

Musashi Sez:

OK, so mai mom is a gud writr. Peeplez pay her to halp them to figgr out their writin problimz. So wen she is confuzzled about writin, it ar a big deel.

Now she is writin her sekund Master Theesis, only this one is verree small, onlee 12% of her othr Mastrz Thesis, an onlee 27% of her Batchlr’z thesis, so this mayk her less than entirelee happee wift her school, given that she gots less time to thingk about thesis stuffs an mor dezyr to sayv the werld wift it.

Still she and me are thingkin verree hard. Also, our frend Pamler has ben halpin. She com ovr on las Frydae to halp mai mom thingk thru all the cirkyoolr stuffs she had ben thingkin throo. I not follr all of it, but it seem lik the mayn problim has to do wift talkin about storeez folk alreddee noe. How yu do that wiftout them taykin suddin naps?

So cleerlee, I has ben thingkin about how I cud becom somthin innerestin, lik a chef or a spai, cuz cleerlee the writer/Inglish teetchr thing is not so re-myoonrative. Huh.

Which is not so sae that I has givn up the ideer of somdae getting a ponee an praktissin at becoming a cowboy-kittee. Yu has to hold onto yer dreemz, aftr all.


Pamela said...

I also is offen confuzzled about writin.

Susan said...

Parentlee, it is a commin problim.