Sunday, January 15, 2012

Gard Kittee vs. the Steemeraytr

Musashi Sez:

Wull, we wuz reedin buks todae, wen all of a suddin ther started beein sqweekee noiziz frum the cornr of the room. Mom sed it wuz jus the steemeraytr, but thingkd it wuz mousseez. Yu can’t trust them mousseez. If yu let them sqweek unnr yer florbordz they will tayk ovr the whol partment. So I jumpt up on the bak of the coutch, cuz I has reeded the Art of War and that fellr Klawzwitz, an they say it is verree importint to tayk the high ground, and mom sed that cud inclood coutchiz.

She is verree luckee that I am so flexobbul in all the things I kin do. I bet my unkulz whu are doggeez aren’t neerlee as gud as I am at gardin. Huh.

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