Monday, January 23, 2012

Happee Draggon Yeer! Woo hoo!

Musashi Sez:

Wull, mai mom studdee that Chineez kungfoo stuff, wift them tigrz an craynz an somtimz eevn monkeez. So I am verree multicultchurul. Todae is the beginnin of the Yeer of the Draggon, whu is a scayree fellr whu breethe fir an somtimz ligtnin or wadder, dependin.

Mai onkul Stan is a draggon typ. I don’t thingk he breethe the ligtnin or wadder, tho. Meenwhil, I wuz probbabul bornd in 2008, in the yeer of the rat, which ar jus ridiklus. Huh. How cud a kittee be bornd in a yeer of the rat?

So I am not convinsd of this Chinese astrolojee. Them Greeks wud hav sed I wuz a Capricorn, which is a big goet, or Aqwayreeyus, which hav to do wift wadder. I am on wun of them an on the kusp of the othr, whatevr that meen.

Yah, rigt, me a goet whu lik wadder. This almos as stoopid as egspektin me to be a rat, when I ar cleerlee a kittee persin.

I not too impressed by this strolojee thin. Huh. I wud hav been a grayt dragon thogh, breethin fir an ligtnin at that littul red dot…

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