Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Autum Eekwinox, Soopervyzin, an Lik That

Musashi Sez:

So of cors, me an my mum did the Eekwinox dans on Friday the 23rds, cuz we hadsta welcom the noo seezon as bestest we cud, an that tend to meen dansin, wen mai mom is consernd. Huh. She ligt a candul an pik me up an we dansiz. Huh. Az if kittee peeplez dans. Not eevn. But she is mutch biggerer than me, so I goez along wift it.


Meenwhil, we has hads the eksytmint this past week or so an no mistayk!!!

Firstest ther wuz this verree annoyin rush of wattr in the baftroom, from lik seelin to flor. Then Mom shuttid me in her rum wen them plummbererz com to fix it. Then I got free fer a whil an then she shuttid me in agen, cuz the plastrer caym, but my othr room-ayte had lettid me out an this plastr fellr, Enriko, wuz verree cayrful not to let me get neer the dor. Huh. Jus as wel, tho. Ther is not toyz an treets an blankeez in our partmint lobbee.

Hom is better. Eevn if ther ar plastr dust all ovr the baftroom flor. An then Mom wuz hom ovrr weekend an she mopt the baftroom to mayk the plastr dust go awae. I mayd shur to be ther to sooprvyz, an yu noez, mayk shur she gottid all the spots. But wen I went bak to luk, it tern out that she miss a big spot! As big as ME!

So I toldid her that, nex tym, I wud sooprvys the saym, but I wud bring mai clipbord, so I cud chek thinz off. She sed (an I qwotz), “Huh. Then I’ll leev a spot exactlee as big as yu AN yur clipbord.”

I told her that not mayk sens. She sez, “Yu sit an thingk about it. Yu figgr it out evetchoolee, I noez yu will.”

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