Monday, June 28, 2010

Som Oldz fer Yu to Pondr

Musashi Sez:

So, yu migt aks, whut kinda egsyting things ar happenin in Musashi’s lif? Well, I tell yu.

Las week wuz Fathr’z Dae, so I sendid 2 bellee-rubz to mai granpa by phon. I culdn’t talk to him maiself cuz I had to wash mai toez, an I got lotsa toez, an somtimz I looz trak an has to start from the begginin agen. So it kin tayk all morning, an then I has to tayk a long nap on the coutch to recovr.

So then Mom went out to get “celery” an wen she caym bak, she wuz ALL WET! I cud heer her comin up the stayrz outsid an her sneekrz wer goin Sqwishee! Sqwishee! So of cors I mayd her tayk them off befor she caym insid, but then eevn her jeenz wuz all Sqwishee Sqwishee, so I mayd her climb in the baft-tub to get chanjed. She sed it wuz uz of all the rayn that wuz raynin outsid, but the rayn moslee stoppt aftr she got her dry clothz on so I figgr she musta yoozd it all up.

That wuz a Sundae. The nex dae wuz first dae of Summr, an we had a partee, tho I’m not shur why cuz noboddee got bornd or adopted unless it wuz that Appollo fellr. But I got to meet a buncha mom’z noo-er frenz (cuz of cors I alreddee noez her old onez).

Aneewae, that’s why it wuz so importint to get “celery,” which Mom sez is ironic, cuz celery is moslee wadder aneewae. Huh.


Pamela said...

I just figured out what "oldz" meant. Took me a while.

Musashi said...

Yah. I not so gud at nooz in the summr tim. Too mutch sleepin an then skedaddlin to catchup wift maiself.

Pamela said...

Love the Frankencelery.