Monday, July 12, 2010

The Writin Lif

Musashi Sez:

I has a noo frend, namyd Dash. He is littul, onlee 2 monfts old, but he is naymd aftr a writr, an Mom sez he alreddee “spells betterer than yu, Musashi.” Huh. As if spellin wer the mos importinitest part of writin.

So I am goin to giv him (an yu) som gud writin advys. An becuz Dash is a bounsee, Tiggr-lik individjooul (kinda lik mai grandpa, onlee lots mor), I’m goin to mayk the lessins nys an short.

Lessin 1:

Don’t worree about thumz. Compyootrz ar the grayt eeqwulyzrz. If yu kin dans on the keybord, yu kin writ.

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