Friday, June 18, 2010

An Speakin of Scents…

Musashi Sez:

So! I ben thingkin lots about how els I kin brayk into innernashunl stardom.

Mom won’t by me a ponee, so the cowboy-kittee-movee plan has gon kaputz.

She dozn’t beleev that kitteez kin sit still an behayv on cue in the moveez (i.e., akt), so she isn’t writin kitteez into her skreenplaes. So I am on plan 5 or D or somthin.

So I wuz thingkin—I doz this a LOT; I gets it from mai Mom—thingkin HARD about whut els them celebrittee typs do that migt get me the kinda ‘tenshun I’m lookin fer, that will get me a job in Stardom.*

An then I thingkd verree hard, an I thogt, HAH, smellz! Kitteez ar verree gud at smellin thinz an hoomin peeples spend lotsa monnee on maykin theirselvs smell gud. I cud be lik all them hot starz that mayk their own perfyoomz, lik J.Lo, Uma Thrmin, Tim MGraw, an Daniel Craig, an all of them types.**

I figgrd, there’s all kindsa scents that kitteez wud jus LOV!

Ther’z Le Littre, Narcissus Noir, Chat-de-Mer, Dunghill fer Men, White Shutters, Flannel #5, Flannel fer Guyz, Littre Flambé à M. Yves St. Larree, Le Sloth par Gucci, Hweetweetweet par les Birdes, etc.

Oh! Ther ar so manee egsytin smellz, yu can’t eevn imajin!!!!

So I ben thingking about comin out wift mai own lyn of Perfyoomz an Insted-of-Shayvs. Fer example, I ben thingkin of Olde Catnippe, Shedding Time, Eau de Felin, and English Fuzz. We cud start ther an then evenchualee end up wift a empyr!!! A verree smellee empyr! An how mutch fun wud that*** be!!!

Truft in Advertyzin:

* This is to the Norft of Holleewud.

**OK. Daniel Craig, as far as I noez do not have connekshun wift aneeboddee’z perfyoomz. I jus throo him in ther cuz he SHUR to get mai mom’z attenshun. SSSHHH. Don’t yu tell her!!! Kthxbai.

***I yoozd lots of Italics cuz the Italics Societee of America givd us a $27 grant fer this heer particler blog. (Kin yu jus imajin whut I cud hav acheevd if they had gived us the $46 grant???)


Pamela said...

You mentioned White Shutters but don't forget White Haunches.

Musashi said...

I thogtid that 1 wuz fer doggeez.