Friday, June 11, 2010

Livin wift Somboddee Whu cud Mayk Starz

Musashi Sez:

So mai mom is writin a skreenplae, which is a skrpt fer a moovie. She wrotid a movie befor but noboddee wantid it an it wazn’t her ideer to begin, so that don’t mutch matter. But this 1 is diffrunt. It has not got a kittee in it yet, but I gots the high hops becuz, hay, it is mai mom who is writin it, an she hav verree gud tayst. In payntin, yu kin tell the gud tayst by all the cherribs an the pillerz: the mor cherribs an pillerz, the mor tayst—eezee.

Film is a hardr meedyum. Yu got to has kitteez, but of cors kitteez is hard to catch an eevn hardr to convins to do lotsa “tayks” of a sceen.

Whut I has ben tryin to get thruhg mai mom’s limited mentul capasty is that I has a verree high tolerins fer sittin still wift a arrowgint luk on mai fays. But she keep thingkin of me as a “gud kittee,” a “nys kittee”—huh!

How am I goin to giv Lassee a run fer her munnee if I can’t eevn convins mai mom that I am star mateeryul?


Pamela said...

So you think that your mom be allowed to do the casting herself? I thought those decisions are usually taken away from writers (sadly).

Musashi said...

Reellee??? O darn. I hadsd the impreshun that writrz wer the 1's that inventid all that stuff...

But still, she cud put a kittee in. I don't havta be me whu plae the rol. It wud jus be bettrer.

Pamela said...

Methinks I could draw a better kitty than the one in the Noir Kitty cartoon! It looks like a fox.