Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Breathin the Walk

Musashi Sez:

Recentlee, lotsa folks has sendid me hugz via emayl, an of cors, I has sendid them bak purrs, an hed rubs, an also a qweree about whut their breft smell lik, cuz fer kittee peeples this is importint infermayshun. I has got interesting results.

My mom’s breft alwaes smell lik orinj joos in the mornin. My granmom sez her breft smell lik tooftpayst. An whil I noe that this is the sorta thin hoomin peeples valyoo, cuz of the “mintee freshnis,” I gotta say it mayk me gag. Kyak! Kyak! Up com a hayrball! This not persnul. Mai mom tried to get me to lik som diffrint flayvrz of kittee tooftpayst, but it all disgustin, eevn the sammon kind. Which showz jus how bad this stuff is. Mai mom yooz hoomin peeple tooftpayst that she sez tayst lik “mint” an she sez “mint” is relaytid to “catnip.” An lotsa mai toys got that “old catnip flavr” but that isn’t neerlee lik the stuff in her mouft. Bleh.

On the othr paw, my wuns-an-fyootchr roommayt, Carlos sed his breft smelld lik BAR-B-Q. This soun hopful to me. I am lookin forerd to wen he com bak in Sptembrer, so I kin find out mor about this bar-b-q thin. It soun lik it migt smel OK!

MisQwot of the Dae: Tell me whut yer breft smel lik an I’ll tell yu whu yer frendz ar.


Pamela said...

My breath smells like the carrot-celery-apple juice I just made with my new juicer!

Musashi said...

Whut! Vejetiblz? Yuk.