Monday, June 7, 2010

Summr Ar Heer, Almos

Musashi Sez:

I noe I has ben a Bozo fer not writin enugf, but I has ben werkin on a song fer yu. It about summr. It is dinnr myoozik. I hoeps yu lik it. Yu gots to imajin that Leena Horn chick singin, cuz she got styl. An losta them saxifonz or whatevr it is they yooz to mayks peeple thingk about summr blooz myoozik.

Dinnr tiiiim and the livin is eeeezee.
The toonr'z jumpin: the pile of nomz is so high! (so high)
Mai mom’z not ritch, and she shur is not furreeee,
But hush, now, kittee, do-o-o-on’t yu craiii!

One of theez morninz, yu goin to wayk up singin.
Yu’r goin to spred yer kittee wingz an go flyin, so high. (high)
Until that morning, ain’t nothing kin harm yu. (No)
Whyl Mom an her roommeez is standin baiiiii. (Standin baiii)

(Fer me, I lets Mom sing an I jus lash mai tail in tim, lik I do wen she play that Myl Daveez fellr wift the trompet. Yu gotsta get reelee, reelee cool. Yu jus werk on that coolnis thing. Yu gots alllll summr to do it.)

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