Saturday, August 22, 2009

Mai Mishun, Almos Accomplish

Musashi Sez:

I crept closr an peerd up at theez big round mettul drumz in the cornr. The writin on them wuz not in Inglish lettrs. Luckee, mai spiffee LingwaTron 9000K had a speshul pad wher I cud draw stuff. Mai clawz shuk a littul, cuz I worreed that the workrz wud com back anee moment from their naptim. But I drew what I figgrd wuz a clos aproksil—appoxim—it lookd kinda lik the piktchur writin on the drum. The LingwaTron chirpd lik a birdee at sunset an then it spit out 2 possibul translayshuns:

1. Great Honorable Invisibilator, Confabulated in Middle Kingdom
2. Super Fade-Away, Made in China

Ha! Moussee!* I tuk pikchurs wift mai niftee camra collar. Then I turnd an saw a box that had reglar writin on it, kinda sydwaez, floor-to-seelin: This syd up. Bank of Inglund. Mor pikchurs. Mai work wuz pertee much don.

Mom Sez:

*Moussee! is a cat's version of Bingo! or Jackpot! Cats are more literal than humans.


Pamela said...

Now GET OUT of there while you still can, Eight!

Musashi said...

Hah. Suspens. It's workin.

Pamela said...

Suspense: you're doin' it right.