Wednesday, August 12, 2009

A Brillyant Infiltrayshun

Musashi Sez:

Aftr bein in the dark bag, the ventalayshun shaft didn’t seem so dark, cuz I had the little bits of lyt followin me from the hols in the grill. I romped along, slydin a little on the mettl flor, followin the sopy smell strayt an left an right an direkshuns like that.

At the innersekshunz, I stopt an sprayd likwid catnip on the shaft I wuz comin from so I cud find mai wae bak laytr. (I got this idée from reedin about Dr. Woof’s eskipaydz, but yu wudn’t want to noe the detaylz. Trus me on this.)

Anneewae, I sloed down at this poin, cuz I cud heer nu an egsitin sounds, lik:

Skrobba-skrobba! Fftt. Fftt. Skrobba-skrobba!

What cud that kinda sound meen???

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