Friday, August 28, 2009

Mai Creaytiv Escayp

Musashi Sez:

If infiltrayshun is a art, then exfiltrayshun is a eevn biggr art. Cuz wen yu’r inflitraytin folks, they hasn’t got annee tim at all to figgr out yu migt be ther. But wen yu’r reddee to leev, yu’v ben ther a whyl, so they has had tim to notis yu. Is a verree danjerus part of SBN-age. Also, an ajint has got tird from all that stress an hard thingkin.

So the ideer of somboddee slinkin out by the rooftop is probabul so unlyklee as to be unthogt of. Fer them, the noiziz on the roof is probabul jus, wel, yu noe, jus noiziz. Noboddee wud thingk of a blak kittee, fer egsampul, sneekin out of bangk’s baysmint wiftout anneeboddee notissin.

An of cors, they’r rigt. I meen, somboddee sneekin OUT of a bangk? How lyklee is that? Huh!

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