Thursday, August 13, 2009

Infiltrayshun Continyooz

Musashi Sez:

Aftr I herd the egsitin noiziz, I stopt compleetly an onlee lissind. And ther wer hoomin peeples’ voysiz talking. At leest 2 gyz, an it soundid lik they wer coffing up a hayrbal or 2. So I creept lik a insegt and lissend verree cayrful. An this is what I herd:

"Ach! Es gibt noch Schaum an den Schenkel. Hör auf!"

"Hab' es nicht getan. Und es ist ebenfalls deine Schuld."

"Ich...Ich sag' dem Chef Bescheid."

"Halt's Maul! Wir sind schon verspätet!"

Now I don’t speek Germin, so I had to turn on mai LingwaTron 9000K. An it showd me what they wer tryin to say, mor or les.

“Hello. Your bubbles have traveled here. Please to stop.”

“That were not my own. In addition, you are to blame, clearly.”

“I shall mention this on your performance review, you know.”

“Listen well! Our rota is not performing ‘to spec.’”

An I noe that tranzlayshun is not a egsakt art, so I figgerd ther wuz mor goin on heer than wuz meetin mai eer…

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Pamela said...

I'd keep my eye on that rota. Maybe it's supposed to be rotifer.