Saturday, August 8, 2009

The Advenchur Continyooz, in Bayrlee Aneetym

Mom Says:

Agent Alek pulled up at the side door of the Licktenshtinian bank, right where another van already sat. He pulled out the vacuum and headed toward the door, which opened for him. As he rolled the machine toward the front of the bank, the canvas bag showed not a single wiggle, as though Agent Octavian had mastered the art of stillness, but when they reached the ventilation grill in the lobby and Alek bent down to let him out, he found he had to wake him up first.

Alek said, “Eight, while I admire your nerves of steel, you might want to take this job a bit more seriously.”

Octavian yawned. “I’m plentee seeryus.” He stretched and pulled out his MicroZip Screwdriver as Alek plugged in the vacuum. At a nod from Octavian, they both turned on their tools at the same time.

Zzzzp! Zzzzp! Zzzzp! Zzzzp!

The grill fell into Octavian’s paws. With a wave to Alek, he holstered his tool and jumped into the dark tunnel. Behind him, Alek set the grill against the wall and fixed it in place with sticky pegs. He pocketed the loose screws, unplugged the vacuum, and rolled it away.


Pamela said...


Howja get the 's' key back from Dr. Woof? Or did you buy a new one?

Musashi said...

I tol yu alreddee. Q sent me a nu one. Yu gots to reed mor cayrfullee. Huh.

Pamela said...

Grovel, grovel.