Monday, April 27, 2009

The Bostun Marafton an Runnin Stuff

Well. Mom sez the ad cam-payn of the Qwaykr Oats brand, that sed “Go hoomins, go!” wuz akshully about the Boston Marafton, not othr stuff. I livz in Bostun, heer in Massachoosetts, an evree yeer on Paytriots Dae in Ayprul, the citee has a big rays. Lotsa hoomin peeples run 26 miles (an that’s like 450 bloks!!! maybe eevn mor!!!) so that 1 woman and 1 man kin sae that they won. Then they gets a fancy hat mayd of leafs fer bein the fastest, an also a collar wift a fansee tag wift the Marafthon Yooneekorn on it. Is lik yer raybeez tag, egsept it’s mutch harderer to get.

Aneewae, Mom sed that about 23,000 hoomin peeples ran past our hous that dae. That’s lotsa peeples. An onlee 2 peeples won. That seem problimatikul. I lookd out the windo but watchin all them hoomins runnin past mayd me so tyerd that I jus went to sleep til it wer ovr.

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