Sunday, April 19, 2009

Fhilanthropee an Relayshun Ships

Well. Mom sez this is as gud a tim as anee to lern perswaysiv wrytin. It turns out that mai Ont Meredift an Onkul Matt ar werkin veree hard to teetch kids an also to fund their weddin. (Fund meen getting eenugf monnee fer somthin.) They’v ben werkin verree hard at their skool jobs, an also Ont Meredift has ben wrytin a blog, helpmakecents, to rayz som of the monnee. Mai mom has donaytid monnee an I has ben helping throo mai ninja marketing skillz. But yu noo that. Of cors yu did.

What yu probabul didn’t noe wuz that this “capitalist model fer fund-rayzin” is what they call CONTROVERSIAL, and that meens hoomin peeples is argyuin about it. Mai mom, whu tookd classiz in marketin an stuff when she wuz in gradjuate skool, she sez that iz jenerallee betterer to hav annee PUBLICITY than non. So havin the magazeen Glamur eevin notissin yer problim is, lik, reellee effektiv.

This is espeshullee gud cuz the laydee whu wrytid the artikul in Glamur offerd a reellee eezee choys. She sez that she’s goin to donayt monnee ($25 !!!) eethr to Meredift an Matt at helpmakecents or to the Akchul Muppets (like the Jim Hensin!!! kind) an that’s perty amayzin, reellee, cuz eevn the Muppets, that hav ben around ferevr, don’t jeneral mayk mutch monee. So they needz all the halp they kin get too.

So to gets involvd, yu gots to go to glamour an vote. Then yu’r lik part of the akshun. Lik mai Ont Meredift sez, it’s a total Win-Win sitchuayshun. So eevn if yu chooz to giv yer monnee to the Muppets, (whu are termendusslee fuzzee) I kan’t blaym yu an neethr kin Meredift or Matt. We all thingk yu’r pertee smart an jeneruss, eethr wae.

Lik the Qwaykr adz ben sayin laytlee: “Go hoomins, go!!!!”

I giv the Qwaykr guy an Glamor, between them, a whol star!

PS: Whut this gots to do wift ships I still hasn't figgrd out.


MY said...


We won the vote, thanks to your ninja marketing skills. Donation arrived last night.

Joy! Rapture!

Musashi said...

Yep, mom sez marketin kin be the differnins between havin littr an havin fud. I'm fer havin boft, personl considrd.