Thursday, January 29, 2009

The Joy of Toes

Musashi Sez:

Las week I mentshunned attackling peepul's toes. Som of mai readers asked about it. They rote to me on their kapyuters an sed, "Musashi, yu spell pretty bad, but this is also hard to unnerstan. Cud yu explain fer me?"

I kin do that, cuz this is a importin part of bein a kittee. An acshully, I spelled exactly whut I ment. See, the problim wen yu'r small is peepul walk past yu an from down here, the feets mov pretty fast. So yu kin't just attack, yu gots to tackul too. Like those football guys. An mebbe yu somtimes gets ankuls as well, an somtimes yu gets stepped on a littul. But nobudy sed bein a kittee was goin to be eazy or always fun. Yu gots to be touff. An then mos times yu gets the toes, so it's all wurth it. That's espeshully gud when they'r not wearin shooz. Cuz first if yu gets stepped on, it's not so bad, an sekund, there's the ROBUST SCENT (I asked mom how to spell it) of the socks. I noe that my Onkul MeToo, he livs in Texas, likes toes better wiftout the socks. But like, mom sez, it takes all kindsa peepul to make a world.

Mom Explains:

It does indeed take all kinds. Oh, yes, it surely does.

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