Monday, December 9, 2013

The Joyz of Wintr: A Seazonul Carol

Musashi Singz:

Boot noodles; cuddling
Wift newly washed hankies;
More time to sleep in wift Mom
Unner blankies;
Lookin down from mai perch
On Mom’s vejtabul bins:
This is mai list of the best wintr things!

Neighbors wift shovels
Are gud ennertainment;
Rewritin carols
So they makes more brain-sense;
Having them parties
Wift fambly and friends:
This is mai list of mai best wintr things!

When the sky’s dark,
When mai toys hide,
When the litter’s old:
I just sings mai list of mai best wintr things
An then I not feeeeeeeeeeeeeeeel
So cold!


PJS said...

Love it, but what are boot noodles?

Susan Spilecki said...

Wut kinda qwestshun is that??? Boot noodles. Yu noe! them things that yu kin plae wift when the importint peeples in yer lif is puttin on their boots or taykin them off! Yu kin chew on them or plae wift them or chays them if they drops on yer hed. Sneaker noodles is also gud but thinnerer an not so harty. Shoe noodles genrully are borin, but if I has not othr choice, I will plae wift them too. But boot noodles is the longest, so they are mor fun to plae wift.

PJS said...

Ah, now I get it. Of course.