Thursday, December 26, 2013

Steam vs. Ninja

Musashi Sez:

I noe yu is waitin to hear about the pie we were gonna mayk yestrdae, but I gots mor importint stories to tells yu. Cuz me an Mister Tyger had no sooner woken up from our nap than we saw TWO (2) bunnies. They wer our friends, PolkieDot, a Easter bunny (not the same as THE Easter bunny), an the othr one whu sometimes go by the Nom du Type Writaire of Hemingway Wong. They was jus sittin there starin at us.

Me: Good mornin. Whatchu staring at?

PD: Yu. An it no mornin. It ar eevnin.

MT: Grrowl??

HW: You are cheerful and mutch beloved by your friends.

Me: Are you being funny?

PD: Nope, he is just havin one of his littul moments. We were hopin you gyz would do a story that we cud tell. We bunnies are writer types an neither of us has had a story to tell fer quit a whil.

MT: YAWN!!! (wift teeft)

HW: A pen without ink is like a road without direction.

Me: What kinda story yu lik?

PD: Adventchoor stories!!!

Me: Hmm. We kin do that. Whatchu think, Mister Tygr? Shall we be ninja assassins?

MT: Oooh! I got a betterer ideer! Let's be blimp captains on a intercept wift Germin spies to take away the ancient Egyptian artefacts what they unlawfully stole from the dig in Luxor. I looks very good in formal wear.

Me: Piffle. I always wears that! I wanna be a ninja assassin!

MT: Steam balloon captains got fancy brass ray guns an monocles.

Me: Ninjas got sneeky shoes an swords!

MT: Steam captains!

Me: Ninjas!

PD: I don't know about you, Hemingway, but I think we gots what yu might call or initiatin conflict.

HW: Better sandpaper on the window frame than sand in your shorts.

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