Saturday, December 28, 2013


Musashi Sez:

Wull, Granpa brougtid Mom bak home yesterdae, an we are verree egsytid about this! I chased her around the partmint yesterdae, just to make shur she wuz her, and she was!!! So this morning, after she feeded me around 5 am, I squozed in between her an the pillo, an I purred as hard as I cud, jus so she wud figger out how mutch I loves her. I think she figgerd it out, as she kept scritchin mai hed. But just in cays she is still cloo-less, I has been setting lov-traps. Mor on this latr.

Meanwhil, I has been testing stuffs. Like she mayded “Dharma Shepherd Deeligt” fer dinnr tonight an she think I did not unnerstand the recipe. But she way-over-unner-estimaytid me. Huh. Ther wer no shepherds in the recipe, an eevn tho she CLIAMED that ther wuz baby zukeenis, I not see any babies anywhers, so I think Mom has been maykin stuffs up. An this worreez me, cuz whut if this com from her hangin out wift them gran-parental-units?

But maybe it just has ben comin from not enugf sleep. We'll go wift that fer now...

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