Monday, December 16, 2013

Som Christmus Carulz

Musashi Sez:
Wull, I has been workin verree hard to translayt one of them standard Christmas carols to a noo kitteh carol which yu all will reallee like. I thogtid to use that one from the 1950s-60s about dancing around a Christmas tree. This is what I camed up wift first.

Rocketing around the Christmas wreath
On the big, white livin room door.
It’s got red and gold ornamints
I think Mom shud put on more.

But then I gots stuckt. So I listened to the orijinul again and I tried this:

You will get exilerating feelins
When you see
Kittee racing round the table:
Grab a cookie if you’re able.

And then it gots hard an I hads to put on mai thinking cap, except that I not has one, an anyway, I wanted one of them Santy Claws hats wift them tantilizin pompoms, but the closest thing Mom had was a red gambler hat.

So I weared that fer a while an then I camed up wift this:
Rocketing around the Christmas wreath,
Has a happee holidae.
Everyboddy dansin merrilee
In the noo an feline way!!!

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