Monday, November 5, 2012

The Fox Guy an His Holrdae

Musashi Sez:

Wull, I wuz goin to writ todae about baloonz an mai mom becoming a lefty, but then I suddinlee realized that it wuz Guy Fox Day in Inglund. This guy, whu wuz a fox, wuz planning on blowin up the Tower in Lundun wift som othr guyz, whu migt or migt not hav ben also foxiz. This wuz cuz the King at the tim wuz doin lotsa anti-fox lejislayshun.

(An yu has to unnerstan that wae bak then, all the kings wer boyz, cuz they has not ben compleetly enlighted then.)

Now, theyr plan to blow up the towr not has bombs, cuz they dint has bombs bak in thoz daes (this wus lik ovr a hunnert yeerz ago!!!). They not eevn has airplaynz, if yu kin bleev it!!! Instead, they wuz goin to yooz gunpowder. This meen that they hads to take lotsa bullets an yooz plierz to pull the lead bits out an por the gunpowder into their bom. Yu kin jus imajin how long it tayk fer a dozin foxez wift pliers to pull out the gunpowder frum hundreds an hundreds of bullets an por it all into theez big barrulz.

An this all tooks a long tim, which is why the govermint fellrs wer abul to caugtid them. An wen they caugtid them rebel foxiz, they conscripted lotsa horseez an horsmin an set them all after them. They chaysd them throo forests an across laynz an inneruptid the foxiz' tea-tim evree aftrnoon, which is kinda unforgivabul, if yu aksks me.

They eevn yoozed huntin hornz, eevn tho thoz thinz ar qwite skayree to heer. Huh.

So, cors, evnchoolee, they caugtid that guy, Fox and his frends (whu migtid or mightid not has ben also Foxiz), an they kilt them verree badlee, which is somthin governmints do wen they ar verree, verree upset.

An this part is whut I has the trubbul unnerstandin. Parentlee, to celerbrayt this historikkul eevent-thin, the Inglush peeples has effudgeez of that guy, Fox. They mayks models of him in Fudge, and they eets them. An then to burn off the calreez, they runz around in cirkuls, shoutin, “Kablang! Pow! Kerpoweeeee!” Somtimz they eevn has firwerks, to mayks the sounz mor convinsin.

I nevr sed the Inglush peeples maydid sens. Huh.

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