Tuesday, November 13, 2012

All Kinds Stuff Happenin

Musashi Sez:

 Wull, it has been a bizy week fer us here in the Unitie States. We had a lection, which is when peoples whu ar old enugf run off early in the mornin to vote. An because ther ar millionz of Mericanz voting, the whol thing tayk all dae, whut wift all the standin in lin an the fillin in the littul circuls an the countin. At the end of the dae, half the folks is all happee an cheerin an the othr half is grouchee an complaynin an shakin their fists an yellin, “I’ll get yu next tim, Red Barron!!!” or somthin lik that. So it is kinda lik teem sportz.

Mom sez this is the glorree of partipsipatory demokrissy. I hop she is rigt about that, cuz othrwize it seem a sillee wae to desyd stuffs.

Then we hads Vetrinz Dae, wen we rmemberz all the vetrinz whu figtid fer our countree. Mom gottid all motional  wen she was splainin to me about this fellr Mark Lafayette, whu comd ovr frum Frans to help George Washinton get rid of the British whu wer claimin that Merica blonged to them. Then a cupple hunnert yeerz later, when the Germins were claimin that France wuz theirs, a big bunch of Mericans wentid ovr to Frans to help them. But they did not bring George Washington, cuz either he was ded by then or mebbe he was president. It was a compulcatid storee.

Also, ther were tanks!!! Which is lik truks, onlee bigger, an they got all this armr on theez funnee rubber band wheels that can run ovr aneething!!! Lik, RRRRRRRRRRRR grumble-umble-umble KER-POW!

An ther wer ol-fashund airplanes, an the akshul Red Baron, whu wuz on the othr sid, of cors, cuz he wuz Germin. But Snoopy is a Merican, an he figtid on our side.

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