Thursday, November 8, 2012

Learnin To Plae wift BLOONZ!!!

Musashi Sez:

So fer the past 2 weeks, we has hadsd BLOONZ at our hous. They are white an green an yellr an purpul. Mom sed she wud had gotten me a brigt pink one, cuz she noe that is my fayvrit color, but they not has pink at the party she went to. (For this we has a sad. I blaym Pamlr, cuz it wuz her party).

Wen they first caym to our hous, the BLOONZ were afrayd of me, an so they kept up at the ceiling until they cud watch me fer a whil an figgr out that I not so danjerus to them. Then they caym down wher I cud talk to them. But they not has much to say fer themselves, even thogh yu’d thingk they’d be all full of hot air. Mom sez this is cuz they ar akshullee full of helium, but that is silly. Helium is whut they put in the floressint lights on the ceiling. Evrboddee noe that. Huh.

Mom has ben encuridjing me to plae wift them. She bats them at me an spekts me to do something about it, but I not noe whut. They are big lik me, so it not lik playin socker wift my ball wift the bell in it. An it not like she is kickin them across the flor, cuz they kin fly a littul. Fer a whil she battid them an I mayd big LEAPS! an batted them bak at her. She wuz verree impressed. But then I fergot, an som of them BLOONZ wus getting too frendlee, stickin to mai fur, and I not lik that.

Mom wuz callin whut we playd eethr multipul volleyball or maybe qwidditch, lik that Harry Pottr fellr plae on his fansee broomstick. I not has a broomstick. I meen, we gots a broom, but it not shaped rigt. Hard to fly if yer broomstick is all off at an angle.

An also, wiftout them posabul thumz, holdin on is verree diffrcult. An I noe that folks sez that kitteez allus landz on their feets, but I thingk that I wud prefer not to fall orf in the first place. Thangkyu verree mutch. Huh.

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