Thursday, November 29, 2012

My Job as Persnul Traynr

Musashi Sez:

Wull, Mom caym bak from Thankxgivin wift PIE an a full tummy, which is somthin we ar for, but she also sed that she needed to exersize mor, cuz of all that turkee an cranberries an mushroom stuffin that she eated. Also, olivz.

So, sinse she not got a tail to wag lik Mooch here, she has got to count on me fer her persnul traynin. I kin be very helpful, chaysing mousees an bloonz, an the crayzee red dot. Altho she has lostid the dot, eevn tho we just put noo batteries in the crazy red dot makr thin rigt befor thanxgivin. Huh. She sed she will get a noo one, cuz it is very importint fer evree household to has the crazey red dot thin. Othrwize, yu not get the propriate exersize. An eevn tho olivz not make up a majer part of my diet, I has to keep in shape too.

So this persnul traynr thin is like a partnership, (which is not the same as a parsnip, on account of not being a root vejtabul). This meen that we halps eech othr with stuffs, lik the wae she cleen my littrbox an I wakes her up in the mornin. This is called synergy, but the electric compny not charge us for it.

This comic was drawn by Patrick McDonnel whu is my favritest comic artist.

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