Tuesday, October 30, 2012

New Planz fer Holloween

Musashi Sez:
So I had orijinlee plannd on bein FrankenKitty fer Holloween. I figgerd I cud get one of them long scrooz out of mom’s toolbox an tie it to my collr, an run around sayin, “Ror, ror, ror!” But then I found out that Frankenstein was akshullee a doctr, an mom doesn’t haz a stethrscop fer me to wayr. She has this blod preshoor thin that is almos as big as me, an at first I figgrd that I cud drag that aroun an threaten to tayk peeple’s blod preshoor while I was sayin, “Ror, ror, ror,” to skayr them. Then I relized that if folks has the high blod preshoor, they shudn’t be scayrt lik that, cuz it not nice. I try to be considrit that way.

So then I thogtid about how mai mom has been lukin at clotheziz an joolree wift her frend Amandr. Maybe I cud be a fashun dezignr, lik that gy Eltin Jon whu haz all them sunglassiz, but I not lik singin, or even listenin to that TV sho, Glee, so I givd that ideer up, too.

Then we hadsd the big storm, an I wentid on the kapyootr to see about the damidge. Parentlee, lotsa bildins got damidged all over the plays. Roofs went flyin (kinda lik they did wen I was in Oz, resintlee) an trees threw their brantchiz at peoples (kinda lik mai frend Fanghorn in Middul Erth, wher I whuz resintlee too, tho I not sposed to tell yu about that). Also, som cars got all scrunched. An all this rebildin is goin to reqwire mor bilders to bild it all. An I thogtid, “AHA! That whut I do! I’ll be Bob the Bilder!!!”

This Bob fellr is veree optimalistical. If yu aksks him, “Can yu bild it?” he sez, “Yes, I can!” Also he got this cool yellr hat an a toolbelt. So now mom an me is figgrin out how to mayk me a toolbelt. She asked me whut kinda toolz I figgr I am goin to need. An I sed all I noe is that a claw clipper was NOT one of them. She asked me whut I wanted to bild. An I sed, “A bird feeder, so I kin watch the birdeez from clos up.”

So she sed she wud lend me a hammr an a scroo-dryver, but she aksked me how I wuz goin to yooz them in mai noo bildin compnee givin that I not has the posabul thumz. An I sed I wud hire sqwirrulz as contractrz an I wud hand them mai toolz to yooz.

She seemd verree impressed that I had thogtid it all throo so cayrful lik that. Huh. What she egspekt? We bildr typs is always measuring twice befor we cut twice. Ther even a book about it. I has not red it yet, but maybe I read it tomorrow wift mai littul yellr hat an mai toolbelt. Or sleep on it. Yus. I thingk that is a gud plan.

Also, in between mai naps, I kin practis maykin estimits, lik thees heer kitteez I findid on the kapyootr wen I wuz doin mai researtch. It turn out that a big part of bein a suksessful bildr is tellin peeples not to get their hopes up.

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